LECLERE & LOUVIER AVOCATS assists you in the negotiation of contracts related to innovation, whether it is your company's innovation, or that of a partner, or an innovation developed jointly with a partner.

This may involve a contract relating to the protection of intellectual property (confidentiality agreements), its development (co-development agreements, partnerships, consortia, contracts with service providers), its management (clauses transferring rights in employment contracts or contracts with partners; co-ownership regulations) or its exploitation (licences, coexistence agreements, etc.). 

The firm also advises on the drafting of IT contracts, which require specific skills.

We can therefore assist you in the drafting and/or negotiation of contractual documents such as customer contracts (license, SaaS, maintenance and support, specific development); suppliers (hosting contracts, domain name management); or with partners (distribution contracts, integration/OEM; co-development; co-ownership, etc). 

All these contracts can take the form of general terms and conditions.