Thanks to its expertise in contractual drafting, LECLERE & LOUVIER AVOCATS naturally assists its clients in contractual disputes such as :

  • Litigation  related to intellectual property agreements (licenses, assignment contracts, co-ownership, etc);
  • Litigation relating to IT contracts;
  • Litigation with contractual partners (agents, distributors, integrators, etc.);
  • Litigation with clients (recovery, defence against liability or warranty claims, etc.); 
  • Litigation with customers (recovery, defence against liability or warranty claims, etc.); 

As much as possible, the firm favours settlement of the dispute, before or after proceedings have been brought.

Contractual litigation also enables us, indirectly, to "test" the solidity of certain fundamental clauses of our contracts (liability limitation clauses, penalties, payment clauses, duration, exclusivity, non-competition or non-solicitation clauses...).

Our experience in litigation thus enables us to develop our skills in contract drafting and to constantly adapt our expertise in this area.