LECLERE & LOUVIER AVOCATS has been a partner of the DIGITAL LEAGUE Cluster (ex-GRILOG, Clust'R Numérique) since 2015. As such, it offers privileged services to the members of the Cluster, and regularly intervenes on legal themese during the network's events.  He is also a member of the French Tech in the Alps (ex-Digital Grenoble).

LECLERE & LOUVIER AVOCATS is a member of Réseau Entreprendre Isère © and participates every year in pro bono reviews of numerous innovative business creation projects.

Our firm is a member of GREX, the export department of the Grenoble Chamber of Commerce and Industry. In this capacity, Josquin LOUVIER leads at least one annual training session on international contracts , either "inter" (open to several companies) or "intra" (for a company's internal team, upon request).

Josquin LOUVIER is also an expert at Incubagem (incubator of GEM - Grenoble Ecole de Management), and at Pepite Ozer©, an incubator for projects led by student entrepreneurs.

LECLERE & LOUVIER AVOCATS also works in collaboration with specialized and experienced colleagues for cases outside its field of expertise (employment law, patent litigation, patent filing, tax law in particular).

The firm also has foreign correspondents for the procedures of filing of intellectual property titles internationally.