Lawyers are often criticised for their cost, but experience shows that the problem is more related to a lack of information and transparency.

Each service provided by the firm is the subject of a detailed and costed proposal, which must be expressly accepted by the client.

Litigation procedures are also the subject of a fee agreement detailing the nature of the assignment and the various associated costs (bailiff, registry, applicant, etc.).

The firm's fee is invoiced either on a time-spent basis (based on a previously indicated hourly rate) or on a fixed-price basis, when the service can be appropriately estimated (e.g. for most of contract drafting services). As far as possible, we flat-rate the services offered. In addition, in the case of time-based invoicing, a draft invoice is systematically sent to the client for validation, before the final invoice is sent.

For clients with recurring consulting needs, the firm also offers subscription formulas (monthly or annual), or credit hours (at a preferential hourly rate).