LECLERE & LOUVIER Law Firm is involved in the drafting and negotiation of intellectual property contracts, and in particular the following contracts:

Licensing agreements

IP rights license agreements: trademark licenses, design licenses, patent licenses
We advise you on how to determine the royalties owed by the licensee to the rights holder.
We determine the respective obligations of the parties.
We take care of the formalities for registering the license agreements with the various Offices (INPI, EUIPO...).

Assignment contracts

Trademark assignments, design assignments, patent assignments, etc.Copyright Assignment Agreement
Assignment clauses in contracts of employment or with partners. 
We take care of the formalities for the registration of assignment contracts with the various Offices (INPI, EUIPO...).

Co-existence agreements

If two signs registered as trademarks are very close to each other, it is common practice to negotiate a coexistence agreement whereby the owners of both trademarks will determine their respective areas of activity in order to protect their rights. Our firm assists you in order to negotiate these agreements in the best possible way and to preserve the commercial exploitation of your trademark.

Joint ownership regulations

When an industrial property right is held by several owners, this creates a situation of joint ownership. Since the law does not adequately address this situation, our firm will assist you in drafting a co-ownership regulation to clearly determine the rights and obligations of each co-owner. Most of these regulations are drafted in matters of patents (e.g. co-development between public labs and private partners) and software (especially in the case of co-ownership between authors who are natural persons). 

Collaborative agreements (consortium, co-development)

When a partnership is set up between several private and public partners, within the framework of public funding (FUI, European funding...), the drafting of a collaboration (or consortium) agreement is mandatory. These agreements will notably determine the rules relating to the ownership and exploitation of intellectual property on the technical results of the project. Our Firm can assist you in the negotiation of this type of agreement, which are quite long and technical, but which condition the terms and conditions for the exploitation of the results of the project.